About Us

Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church started in 1962 when the Founding and late Pastor Clifton Russell, Sr. was led by the Holy Spirit to start a church mission with his wife, the late, First Lady Mollie Mae Walker-Russell; called the 27th Street Baptist Church located on the corner of 27th and Clifton Street. The initial church membership consisted of four (4) families.  The church family continued to grow and many were led to Christ.  In 1971, 27th Street Baptist Church merged with Guiding Light Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Russell became Co-Pastor with the late Pastor James Russell, Pastor Clifton Russell's brother. They were Co-Pastors until Pastor James Russell was called from labor to reward in May 1976; after which Pastor Clifton Russell was voted in as the Senior Pastor of Guiding Light Missionary Baptist Church.  As the Youth Department, Deacon Board, Choir Ministry, and Ministerial Staff grew God's Glory was showing forth within the church and community.  In 1988, Pastor Clifton Russell was led to move the church to a new location and through hard work, by many members and friends to 2291 E. 24th Street.  In April 1991, the church was officially renamed "Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church."  The church continued to grow in membership and missionary work in the community through the work of the Pastor, ministries, and members. After being notified by the City of Indianapolis that they will be purchasing the property the church was located, on Sunday, September 19, 1999 Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church marched into our new building with "NO Mortgage." Immediately, the new sanctuary was dedicated to God "A Chosen and Sanctified House" II Chronicles 7:16.  The church continued training and had their first Church Conference themed "Building Up the Kingdom of God through Christian Education." The growth of the church sky rocketed and the Lord was Glorified. On January 31, 2005, Pastor Clifton Russell passed from labor to reward.  Bishop Michael Russell, one of Pastor Clifton Russell's oldest sons,  was called as the interim pastor.  After standing the test of times, on Sunday, July 30, 2006, Rev. Kevin D. Russell, Sr., Pastor Clifton Russell's youngest son, was installed as Pastor of the Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church.  Remembering that we are Founded on Love, Walking by Faith, and Striving in Unity we continue to stand on the Word of God.  Through Him, many still are coming to know Christ as their personal savior and the work of the ministry continues to up build the Kingdom of God.  We are so grateful for what He has done and what He continues to do.  "We Have Come This Far By Faith."

Come fellowship with us as we continue to lift up the name of Jesus and grow as Disciples of Christ.